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Practical Tax Advice for Creative Agencies

Let’s face it, nobody loves paying taxes. Often times, it feels like your hard-earned money is just leaving your pocket for no reason. However, there are some ways you can make tax time less painful and minimize the amount of taxes you owe.
Douglas Kauffman, CPA Nov 21, 2019

Managing Cash Flow in Your Creative Agency

Struggling with cash flow in your agency? It might be hiding underlying issues with your financial systems. Learn how to spot them & make corrections.
Douglas Kauffman, CPA Nov 21, 2019

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Accountant Each Month

If you are like most creative agency owners, you would love to have a better understanding of your agency’s profitability, cash flow, and financial health. And there is one person with all this information: your accountant.
Douglas Kauffman, CPA Nov 21, 2019

Moving Business Owners from Financial Fog to Financial Clarity

If you are like most small business owners, you live in a financial fog on the health of your company. See what it takes to gain financial clarity.
Douglas Kauffman, CPA Nov 21, 2019