Case Study: Sweet Fish Media

Supporting a Rapidly Growing B2B Podcasting Agency

Sweet Fish Media was founded in 2016 as a podcast-first media company, powered by a fully remote team of 35 creatives and strategists. Sweet Fish Media produces podcasts for B2B brands. They are a high growth scale-up organization with a vision and plan to make a difference.

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Sweet Fish Media

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  • Manage Day-to-Day Bookkeeping
  • Monthly CFO Meeting
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • 3 Way Financial Forecasting
  • Online Financial Dashboard

Joining the Kauffman CPA Family

When Sweet Fish Media heard of Kauffman CPA Company through Agency Management Institute (AMI), they had other CPA firms in consideration. Sweet Fish Media was transitioning from an in-house bookkeeper, to an outsourced accounting approach. Their growing financial needs exceeded the technical capacity of their in-house bookkeeper and they were facing challenges trying to accurately track deferred revenue and create accurate financial statements. Sweet Fish Media recognized their need for a more strategic partner to continue their success and grow further. Their COO, Bill Reed, knew he needed the right financial support team to best operate the business.

Kauffman CPA Company had the same level of commitment to success for Sweet Fish Media as they had for themselves. Collaboratively, and with true partnership, Kauffman CPA became an integral part of the daily contributions, and ultimately success.

Kauffman CPA Company gives me full financial clarity and peace of mind as a COO.

Bill Reed

Sweet Fish Media

Gaining Financial Clarity

In 2020 Sweet Fish Media’s revenue grew 59% over 2019, which helped drive substantial increases to both net income as well as cash-in-the-bank. Kauffman CPA was thrilled to walk alongside Sweet Fish Media during this explosive year providing financial recommendations, analysis, and reporting, to ensure that the leadership team had the confidence and the financial clarity needed to make data-driven decisions.

On average, the books were closed and month-end financial were delivered to Sweet Fish Media’s team within seven business days of the close of the month. We are looking forward to another mutually beneficial year collaborating in 2021!

“In running a business day-to-day, the finance and accounting function is something most entrepreneurs struggle to understand and often avoid. But working with Kaufmann has shed a whole new light on the role that finance can play in the growth of our business. They have helped us develop and implement tools that actually drive the business by the numbers. Our goals and expectations and even our vision for the future is now informed and defined using the financial tools they’ve built for us and taught us to use. Running a business is complex, and I’m not sure that accountants are going to be the ones to change the world. I just know that Kauffman CPA has changed ours.

I see the Kauffman CPA team as an extension of our team and resources, as opposed to a vendor. In deciding to outsource the CFO function, I was concerned about several things: Accessibility, turn-around times, policies and procedures, limitations, and the kind of disconnect you often experience when you use an external provider. I just wanted them to act and serve and respond and engage like one of us. And that’s exactly what they’ve done.”

Bill Reed

COO, Sweet Fish Media

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