The Candy Factory

Since July 2014, the offices of Kauffman CPA has been at The Candy Factory, Lancaster’s largest coworking space. The community at The Candy Factory has given the team at Kauffman valuable insights and experiences into the struggles and challenges of freelancers and small agencies.

History of The Candy Factory

Founded in 2010, The Candy Factory is more than a coworking space. It has grown into a community of professionals that are passionate about collaboration, creative thinking, and growing their businesses. The Factory features an open floor plan, relaxed atmosphere, and diversity of professionals.

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Kauffman CPA at The Candy Factory

One of the reasons Kauffman CPA chooses to work at The Candy Factory is to stay connected to the needs of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. On our same floor is an attorney, foreign exchange trading coach, business database developer, tour guide, software developer, and Facebook employee.

The flexible space, conference rooms, and free parking gives us the opportunity to schedule appointments with clients, hold team meetings, and allows us to expand our team with little effort.

“Working at The Candy Factory helped me better understand small business and how a new or experienced business owner might think. It’s also led to great partnerships and clients for us. We naturally build relationships just be being in the space each day and that often leads to working relationships.”
– Doug Kauffman, CPA

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