Find Clarity with Your Personal Finances

Agency Accounting Services

Do you know your most profitable client or service? Do you know how much cash you’ll have in 10 weeks? How confident are you in your agency’s numbers?

Healthy, high-performing agencies rely on accurate, real-time financial reports to make better-informed decisions. At Kauffman CPA, we provide agency owners like you with the numbers you need to run your agency.

Real-Time Financial Accounting

We’ve built a system just for agencies, combining bookkeeping, payroll, and a real-time financial reporting.

Agency CFO Services

We provide monthly high-level analysis and meetings, so you can make better decisions for your agency.

CPA for Marketing Agencies

Kauffman CPA is a new breed of accounting firm that supports creative agencies by providing owners with the strategic support and resources to make better decisions. Let our team handle the accounting so you can get back to running your agency.