Virtual CFO Services

Strategic, Fractional CFO Support for Your Growing Agency

If you are like most creative agency owners, you have big plans and goals for growing your agency. Do you know what it will take to get there?


At Kauffman CPA Company, we provide creative agency owners with strategic guidance and planning for the financial health of their company. Serving as a virtual or outsourced CFO, we can help you interpret financial reports, better understand your company’s profitability, and have a trusted advisor to discuss business goals and how to achieve them.


By working with a fractional CFO service like Kauffman CPA, you’ll gain greater financial clarity, always know the financial health of your agency, and be better informed as you make decisions for your agency’s future.

Monthly CFO Review Meetings

We will work with you to define the Key Performance Indicators that underpin the success of the business.
These may be a combination of financial and non-financial measures. We’ll put these into a separate report each month and again provide our analysis on the results, and work with you to improve the results over time.
We’ll host a monthly meeting to address anything you want to discuss with us as your professional advisers and anything that we have identified as areas that will benefit from some closer attention, guided by the reports which will be presented in the meeting.

Cash Flow Management & Projection

Cash is one of the toughest things to predict and manage in business. We’ve developed a system to track your cash accurately and timely. Cash flow analysis is updated weekly and includes a 15-20-minute call each week to review the projection. Finally, know how much cash you will have in 10 weeks.

Projections & Forecasts

We believe that every business should have a 1-year financial projection to plan where you want to be heading. This gives direction to the owner and the entire team as to what the business is trying to achieve so you are all working in sync.
We’ll also create, manage and update a rolling 12 month 3 way forecast of profit & loss, cash flow, and the balance sheet so you always know what the future financial performance and position of the business looks like, based on what we already know today (committed sales and costs). This is about bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it.

I see the Kauffman CPA team as an extension of our team and resources, as opposed to a vendor. In deciding to outsource the CFO function, I was concerned about several things: Accessibility, turn-around times, policies and procedures, limitations, and the kind of disconnect you often experience when you use an external provider. I just wanted them to act and serve and respond and engage like one of us. And that’s exactly what they’ve done.”

Bill Reed

COO, Sweet Fish Media

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